Dina Coroli

Master Stylist

Dina came from Ukraine summer of 2022 and started with us here in September of 2022. Dina did her education and got her Bachelors Degree through the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Education. On her down time Dina would rent a room in her city, Nova Kahova, Ukraine and share her knowledge of the industry with others, she would then continue instructing online throughout Covid. 

Dina is a highly qualified stylist and colorist with over 15 years of experience. She has experience in creating modern and classic hairstyles. Not only is Dina a well known stylist, with over 10 thousand followers on her Ukrainian Instagram, she is also a highly respected educator back in Europe. Dina can interpret costumer requests and deliver excellent results with every service. Dina has experience in achieving complex coloring techniques such as; air touch, custom highlighting, and balayage.

Dina is a creative, highly skilled hairdresser, committed to aesthetic excellence and costumer satisfaction and cannot wait to have you in her chair!